Movement for Life

Ever noticed that babies have near perfect movement patterns?

We spend hours and hours drilling squat form but we had the best form when we were toddlers!

If you feel that you’re athletic performance is being hampered by poor movement patterns take a note from the natural neurodevelopmental sequence we all underwent our first 16 months.

Work the kneeling, half-kneeling and quadruped positions.

Crawl around.

Even before you crawl it is best to practice moving your body through all possible ranges of motion.

It may seem simple but if we don’t use our R.O.M. then we sadly lose it.

The good news is that your body is an amazing machine and with some T.L.C. these regressive patterns allow us to shore up weakness in our kinetic chain and progress safely to more demanding movements.

If you want to be strong from head to toe you have to move from head to toe!

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