This is the key foundation of all program design for one-on-one personal training and Strength Camp.

This usually takes 30-50 minutes to complete and includes a screening for any movement or postural dysfunction that needs to be taken into consideration when designing your program.

Once we have this information it is possible to create the perfect program for you that not only allows you to achieve your immediate goal —  but will also improve movement function and ensure that you can move into any new goals free of dysfunction that can lead to injury.

We will also discuss any health concerns that need be taken into account along with your goals.

The Assessment is the first step in creating a program that is not only customized to your needs but also enjoyable!

  • Assessment (30-50 minutes) $50.00 

Personal Training

These 60 minute sessions are built around a custom workout program designed for your specific goals and movement pattern development.

The program is based off of an included full-movement screening that precedes the design of your program. 

Together we will focus on getting stronger, leaner, resolving pain, and having a more functional body to enjoy your life with!

  • Single session (60 minutes) $60.00
  • 5 sessions (60 minutes each) $350.00
  • 10 sessions (60 minutes each) $500.00
  • 2 times a week with 3 month commitment $360.00/month
  • 3 times a week with 3 month commitment $495.00/month
  • 4 times a week with 3 month commitment $610.00/month
  • 5 times a week with 3 month commitment $700.00/month 


Bored of the standard workout?

We all feel like that from time to time and doing pad work is the perfect solution!

Mitt work lets you get both coaching on good striking form and strategy with the most fun and intense cardio you can get!

  • Single session of MITTFIT (30 minutes) $40.00
  • 8 sessions of MITTFIT (30 minutes each) $220.00
  • 12 sessions of MITTFIT (30 minutes each) $295.00

Strength Camp

Strength Camp is a unique style of semi-private training that gives you a great value and coaching experience.

Strength Camp is on Monday’s, Wednesdays, and Fridays from 5 to 7 p.m. every week.

Just come in anytime during normal Strength Camp hours to receive coaching!

Get individual program design with a group training atmosphere!

Strength Camp operates out of Missoula Urban Strength Training (M.U.S.T)  giving you access to a unique and versatile gym with all the toys you so often miss out on in big box gyms and with room to use them.

Those actively participating in Strength Camp receive a discounted $35.00/month membership to M.U.S.T and 24/7 access to the facilities. 

  • Strength Camp with 3 month commitment $129.00/month (not including $35.00 M.U.S.T. membership)


Nutritional Coaching 

Sometimes the hardest thing about our fitness journey is diet and diet adherence. I am happy to now offer my clients nutritional coaching based on the wildly successful Precision Nutrition system. This system is based on how to make lifestyle changes and use simple methods to help you achieve positive and lasting change in your eating patterns.  We will demystify the often conveluted and confusing world of exercise nutrition using proven and easy to implement strategies that will have you back on track to your goals! Clients can set up either a single consultation or a series of consults to keep you on track and trouble shoot issues that are keeping you from your goals.

  • Single session (60 minutes) $60.00
  • 5 sessions (60 minutes each) $350.00
  • 10 sessions (60 minutes each) $500.00

Program Design with Assessment

For the more experienced client with solid movement knowledge and mechanics there is always the option of just getting a customized program without any coaching…

We will start with the Assessment and go over where, when, and how you need the program to fit into your weekly routine.

The program will have built-in links to examples of exercises included in the workout, making it easy to clarify movements on your phone or computer.

Of course, you can always purchase a one-on-one session or session package to get coaching on the movements before going it alone — and this is recommended to get the most out of the movements and program as a whole…

  • Program Design with Assessment  $240.00