I have had the pleasure to work with Evan Smith for over 3 years. Both in person and remotely.

When I met Evan I had no level of training or any kind of knowledge about proper movement.

I was also about 230 pounds, constantly tired and in pain. The thing I noticed first about my experience with Evan was that if I showed up and did what was asked of me, then I got results!

I learned how to push my body and my mind safely. Avoiding injury and setbacks. Evan is great at sensing what will get results for his clients.

He knows when I’m holding myself back so he pushes me through and he knows when I’m at my peak and gives me the praise and encouragement that I also need to hear.

I was never afraid to try something new because I knew that I would have a thorough explanation and visual example to follow.

Over 3 years later I am still working with Evan.

I am pain free, have unlimited energy and confidence and most of all I FEEL great. I’m at my healthiest weight ever thanks to Evan.

He took an overweight girl with no sense of how to break the cycle of self destruction and made her into an ATHLETE! And it was fun!!



Keshia Kailey

Training with Evan has been empowering to say the least. In a short matter of time, my strength & vitality has skyrocketed, and my posture has improved tremendously. 

I have watched my body lose several inches, while at the same time my muscle definition has increased beyond expectation…. so exciting!

Evan is truly inspiring, motivating, and wise beyond his yrs. I’m confident with Evan by my side, I will reach goals I never thought possible.

I feel truly fortunate to have found such an amazing personal trainer… it is easy to see that Evan loves what he does.

Thank you Evan, for your inspiration, your humor, and your friendship.


Stacy Wohl

Evan Smith is an awesome coach. Period.

Here’s why: After having been out of sports and fitness for over 20 years I was really nervous about heading back to the gym.

Evan made me feel super comfortable, confident and enthusiastic.

His can-do-anything energy is contagious. After getting my feet back under me again, I signed up for his MittFitt class. It literally changed my life.

I haven’t had that much fun in years! Being a teacher by trade, I notice all of the small things that Evan does to make his clients motivated, comfortable, and stay on track.

His attention to detail, knowledge of his trade, training skills and his lead by example attitude makes Evan an awesome coach. Period.




Timothy Cooper