What Is MittFit?

There is a huge difference between people that hold pads and a person proficient in technical mittwork. With technical Mittwork the training builds from session to session.

By practicing over 156 different attack and response variations you progress and advance in not only technique,  but also confidence and ability without ever plateauing.

The Mittfit project was developed through years of working with professional fighters, boxing trainers, and personal training experts.

MITTfit™ is an evolving process, as you advance the workout becomes more intense both technically and physically. You will never have to be concerned with plateauing.

MITTfit formats (Bronze/Silver/Gold) are 30 or 60 minute designed boxing programs led by a certified trainer holding punching mitts and body gear.

The routine not only enhances your skill set for boxing techniques, but also increases the amount of calories burned and improves physical fitness. Additionally it enhances dexterity, speed of motion, timing, reaction time, accuracy, and defensive skills.

MITTfit™ is a non–traditional system of boxing training that HAS proven not only to be beneficial to competitive athletes, but also to general fitness clients as well.

MITTfit ™ is a unique way of training that men, women, children, and athletes of all ages and skill levels can participate in.

Clients work through our unique training system to develop agility, dexterity, endurance, stamina, coordination, toning and strength.

MITTfit™ has been designed for fitness professionals of all types and will allow them to bring this unique system of training into their current programs.

Our system of training progresses from practicing foundational boxing movement to advanced flow drills and cues.

MittFit™ is a program that is designed to be fun, educational, progressive, challenging, and effective!

Mitt fit combines different techniques and programs for different levels of a person’s skill set. We focus on proper form and technique with the hands and footwork.

Each level of Mittfit will boost overall fitness level in a way that the other boxing fitness programs lack.

Benefits of MittFit

MittFit training offers you the ability to increase stamina, balance, dexterity, reaction time, and focus that all athletes need in order to be competitive in whatever field they are in.

Mittfit trains you to have a reactive response to an outside stimulus.

Every action has a reaction. These advanced techniques become an automatic response to whatever is coming at you or being called. Your subliminal mind takes over at the highest level.


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