Caitlin Pattee

I have been a client of Evan for two years and have nothing but upward thoughts and the highest recommendation for future clients. I began training with him a couple years after finishing college softball, and at the time, I had completely fallen off the wagon. I had not worked out in over a year, and was very insecure and ashamed of myself. At first, I refused to be weighed or take before pictures, and by the end I was excited to be measured and track my results. During the beginning stages of my journey, Evan was understanding and taught me to be kind to myself. He was with me every step of the way offering caring words when I was down as well as endlessly motivating me to not give up. I have worked with a lot of trainers in my life, and I have not found one that is of Evan’s caliber in terms of knowledge, caring, and received weight loss results. His expertise extends far past devising workouts, he assists in rehabilitation of injuries and aches. It is not often that you find a trainer that has the education to be able to assist you in rehabilitative mobility movements and stretches.

I hired Evan to be my personal trainer, and he ended up being so much more… he’s a friend, a confidante, and an endless source of information and tidbits on health and wellness. I have referred Evan to multiple clients and will continue to do so as he is by far the best personal trainer I have worked with. If you want to see weight loss results and have fun doing so, I recommend training with Evan.