Abe Smith

Evan has had a huge impact on the success I have found in the gym. 

When I first started working with Evan I was 31 years old and had not been in the gym since high school. I was active person, practicing martial arts and long distance running but I knew if I wanted to take these sports to the next level I had to start working out in the gym. Evan was able to listen to my goals and make a comprehensive workout plan that would directly help me achieve these goals.

Of course, I was nervous and self-conscious about going to the gym after so many years away. Evan helped me feel comfortable by clearly explaining what we were going to do and having a unique positive attitude towards myself and the workouts. Also, there were multiple times where I injured myself (outside the gym). I thought I wouldn’t be able to train for weeks/months until the injuries had healed. Evan was able to adjust my workouts to allow me to continue to train while dealing with these injuries. Also, he was able to teach me techniques to help prevent future injuries.

After 6 months, I went from weighing 210 pounds down to 185 pounds. I shaved off one plus minute on my average running time/mile pace. My overall condition, strength, flexibility, and success in martial art practices improved. I also was more confident in and outside the gym.

I would recommend Evan to anyone. If you have real serious goals or just want to stay in shape, you can’t go wrong working with Evan.